Upcoming Foreclosure Sales

MaThe below properties are under property tax foreclosures. While the Hoke County Tax Office makes a diligent effort to provide the most accurate and correct information on these properties, each prospective buyer should employ his or her own resources to verify actual property information. Hoke County does not make any representations regarding the below information, these properties, their condition or legal status. This webpage is designed simply to notify the community of upcoming property tax foreclosure sales.The properties listed below are potential real estate properties that will be sold at the Hoke County Courthouse Steps. Please do not call the Case Agent listed. View information on the Tax Collection Foreclosure Process. Please contact the Hoke County Tax Collections Department at 910-875-8751 for further information.

Parcel NumberAcreageLocationSale DateSale TimeEstimated
Opening Bid
Case NumberCase Agent

Properties that have received a bid have a 10 day bid upset period during which additional bids can be made.

Please see Clerk of Court to place an upset bid.

Parcel NumberAcreageLocationSale DateBid Upset
Period Ends
at 5:00 PM on:
Bid ReceivedCase

49467-04-01-127LOT115 DAMSON CTOCT 15, 2020Nov 30, 2020$82,000.0020 CVD 021RKS LAW